Range High
Role Commander
Req. Rank 20
Active Skills Blades of Aiur, Bond, Void Tear, Blink
Passive Skills Unknown

Aquila also has Void Tear, and ability to effectively immobilize a single boss so that other people can kill it.

Aquila is not particularly strong in Hellwalker as some of her best benefits cause issues. Having additional Masteries in Hellwalker isn't always the best idea due to Mastery retaliations. Her Blades of Aiur are still strong, but useless against toxic bosses like Omegalisk and Brain Bug, which instantly kill the Blaes of Aiur.

Aquila has four skills:

  • Blade of Aiur: summons a bunch of zealots. This is similar to Nexus Exiles except the zealots follow you.
  • Bond: creates a bond between you and another hero. Both of you will get a boost in regeneration, attack speed and damage.
  • Void Tear: imprisons the target unit in a void tear, significantly slowing it while increasing its armor by 8.
  • Blink: blink skill.

Aquila initially used to be very popular in Mental speed runs. Having two Aquila and two damage dealers effectively makes all four heroes have increased regeneration, attack speed and damage (using Bond). However, with better understanding of the game mechanics and heroes, more optimal hero line-ups were subsequently found.

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