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Anvil Overview[]

(Updated to v14.17)

Anvil can deal high damage to both high HP targets and hordes of weak mobs. However, he only deals half damage with his auto-attacks, while in siege mode, to flyers. 

Anvil also has the great advantage of being able to remain cloaked while in siege mode with the Ambush Protocol mastery. His auto-attack range, even without Graduating Range mastery, is more than enough to safely deal with all threats safely when sieged from afar, with the only exception being Hellwalker Brutalisks.

Anvil also has the Mudstompers talent for free and also cannot be lifted by hybrids.

Last, but not least, Anvil starts with an additional Mastery point.

Anvil's Perks for OS and HW[]

Anvil, for all games except speedruns, is played optimally with:

  1. Onslaught
  2. Leadership
  3. Air Support
  4. (Hellwalker) Weaponsmith

For quick entry of Perks at the beginning of the match, type (without quotes) "-perk olaw".

For Oldschool, his 3 perks allow Anvil to deal constantly high damage from beginning to end of the game. The synergy between Air Support and Leadership allows Anvil to unlock his score on Oldschool as early as the 14th minute in game. Leadership allows Anvil's Jotunbanes to deal +20% additional damage. Coupled with a fully maxed Asgard Training Mastery, Leadership helps Jotunbanes deal insane damage.

For Hellwalker, the addition of Air Support allows experienced Anvil players to skip mobile command post until potentially the end of the game. Additionally, the synergy between Leadership and Air support is too good to pass for Anvil, adding +50% to all damage dealt by the Air support.

Anvil's Mastery Order for OS[]

Anvil is a hero with a slightly different optimal mastery order for Oldschool and Hellwalker.

For Oldschool, you can start pumping Jotunbanes right from the beginning and make them spawn at the base, where they will outrange all enemies and assist in pushing. Jotunbanes will push the right side Lair as soon as level 35, which means that the brutalisk might be triggered at level 40. If the team is of beginner level (only 3-4 Oldschool wins), then skipping Jotunbanes until level 20 might be better.

  1. Level 0 = Jotunbanes + Ambush Protocol
  2. Level 10 = Asgard Training/Long Range Combat
  3. Level 20 = Long Range Combat/Asgard Training
  4. Level 30 = Wrath of Thor Ultimate
  5. Level 40 = Weapons Research
  6. 2K Streak = Nuke/Mobile Command Post
  7. Level 50 =  Mobile Command Post/ Nuke

Get Nuke slightly earlier (with your 2K streak) to trigger bosses in the absence of Nova. Else pick Mobile Command Post by then, since Anvil will be on the move much more frequently at that stage of the game. (This would be primarily because by level 40+, bosses are usually triggered one after the other, forcing Anvil to move often to avoid detection from incoming Hive Guardians, Omega Sentinels, and bosses)

If Anvil is the hero that is nuking, then Nuke should be picked by level 50, since this is the time frame when major enemy bases such as the Leviathan and Brain Bug bases need to be softenened.

Anvil's Mastery Order for HW[]

On Hellwalker, Anvil avoids picking Jotunbanes too early since they will simply die off to the early waves of banelings. Level 20 is the earliest level where you can really place Jotunbanes exactly where you want, that is, focused on hives and lairs, to gain maximum score. Ideally you should be targetting the Upper Hives and the Middle Hives and having your Jotunbanes spawn on you at that moment while killing the hives allows you to reach your 2500 score as early as the 12:50 mark.

  1. Level 0 = Ambush Protocol + Asgard Training
  2. Level 10 = Long Range Combat
  3. Level 20 = Jotunbanes
  4. Level 30 = Wrath of Thor Ultimate
  5. Level 40 = Nuke/Mobile Command Post
  6. 2K Streak = Mobile Command Post/ Nuke
  7. Level 50 = Lightweight Equipment

Since Anvil already picks Weaponsmith as a Perk, he does not pick Weapons Research Mastery.