Allrounder Mastery
Allrounder Mastery
Hero TychusSwannTassadar
Major Anvil
Description You have become a jack of all trades; your arsenal of skills is endless. Immediately gain two free Talent points and a large bonus to energy maximum.

In addition, you will gain a free Talent point every 45 minutes from now on.

Effects two free talent points
free talent point every 45 minutes
max energy
Allrounder Mastery is a Mastery that can be learned by all Heroes, with roughly the same effect for each.

Upon learning Allrounder Mastery you will instantly receive 2 free Talent points and a bonus to maximum energy. The maximum energy varies depending on hero. Predator and Anvil will receive only +105 maximum energy and Tassadar +135. All other heroes are somewhere in between.

Learning the Mastery will start a timer which will grant you an additional talent point every 45 minutes. You can receive unlimited bonus talent points, but game progression and talent pool will cap you out at some point. If you gain additional talent points, but can not spend them all, the bonus talent points will be discarded.

Math Edit

Allrounder Mastery is not an efficient Mastery. If taken at the very beginning of the game, if you play a short game and win or lose in under 1 hour and 30 minutes, this Mastery will have only given you 3 Talent Points. Even if you play a 3-hour game, this Mastery will have only given 6 extra Talent Points, and at some point there is a finite number of different talents you can take. The 2 initial Talent Points are not as valuable as other Masteries and the additional Talent Points are not generated quickly enough to be valuable. In most cases, Allrounder Mastery is only taken if a player has already learned all or almost all other available Masteries.

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